BELL 8 - A sea'scape by Deirdre Towers. June 1 - July 1 during our free open hours

BELL 8 is a meditative, immersive installation named after a navigational buoy in Long Island Sound. This sea ‘scape attempts to inspire the sense of expansion and bliss one has afloat, while exploring our own complicated relationship with water. BELL 8 offers a chance to flip mental, spiritual gears, to re-charge, and sail off into the unknown.

SPECIAL: June 24: One day only special: Global Water Dances led by Natasha Alhadeff-Jones. On June 24, 2017, New York choreographers join with more than 100 cities world-wide as part of Global Water Dances to promote safe water everywhere. Visit for more information.

Bell 8 Editor Deirdre Towers grew up sailing. She produced the Dance on Camera Festival (1994-2012) and LA CHANA. For BELL 8, she collaborated with cinematographers: Nan Melville (South African),  Ted Ciesielski (Polish), singer/sound healer Rakel Jun, (Spanish) and interior designer Mara Aceves (Mexican).  British sculptor Celia Gregory  offered footage of her underwater sculptures of sea goddesses who serve as artificial coral reefs.

Who is this project for? Everyone! Come gaze at the light dance on the waves and relax. Let Nature work its miracles!

Use of sails donated by Hudson River Community Sailing.



BELL 8 by Deirdre Towers