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Artist Reception: William King’s “A Man and His Barge”

“I was drawn to Red Hook with its edgy, worn landscapes, its ubiquitous rust, and the extraordinary quality of its light. Some years ago, while taking pictures there, I came upon an old barge moored in a small inlet in the harbor.” 

and so begin’s William King’s story of a Brooklyn man and his barge.

This photographic project highlights Captain David Sharps and the Waterfront Museum of Red Hook, Brooklyn. The documentary imagery focuses on Captain Sharps and his various maritime activities, operations and maintenance needed to maintain the historic vessel.

This show is on view during the museum’s regular open hours and admission is by suggested donation (people usually leave between $2 and $20).

The century-old Waterfront Museum is housed aboard the Lehigh Valley #79 barge, an historic landmark and working museum. Due to the efforts and dedication of Captain David Sharps with many friends and volunteers, the Lehigh Valley is on the

National Register of Historic Places as the last remaining example of the Hudson River Railroad barges. In 2024, the Museum is celebrating its 30th year of providing Red Hook with affordable arts and education programs.


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